When? Every Saturday, 6am to 12pm (May-Nov)
Where? Welland Farmers' Market
Our menu at the market:
Beef Jerky
Goulash soup (bogrács gulyás)
Sausage burger
Fried dough (lángos)
Bacon biscuits (pogácsa)

Available for pre-order:
Rice sausage (hurka)
Fresh Sausage (friss kolbász - perfect for BBQ)
Smoked Sausage (füstölt kolbász - pepperoni style)
Smoked Bacon (szalonna)
Smoked Ham (sonka)
Smoked Ribs (oldalas)
Head Cheese (disznósajt - winter months only)
Hungarian Salami (winter months only)
Our trailer is mobile. Book us for your party or stag & doe.
We can bring it anywhere within the Niagara Region and make fresh fried dough (elephant ear / beaver tail), sausage on a bun,
goulash soup or even a pig roast (up to a 40lb pig).
Call us today for more information!
E-mail: contact@mikis.ca
Phone: (905) 714-1313
Welland Tribune: Miki's comes to Welland market